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AirBNB Asia

The largest and most populated continent in the world, Asia is full of busy cities, historic lands, and some of the world’s tallest mountains.

This fast-growing and modern continent has an infinite number of fascinating AirBnB stays!

Travelers are amazed by the intrigue, adventure, solace and spirituality that Asia possesses.

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Did you know that Asia has both the highest and lowest points on earth? Check out our recommendations below for some of the best AirBnB places by destination within this amazing region!

Places in Bali

There’s no end to the beautiful and unique places to stay in Bali.  Check out our Bali Destination page for info on flying in and things to do and some of our top recommendation for AirBnB places below.

Places in Bangkok

Boat-filled rivers, ornate shrines and a vibrant street life.  Bankok has something for everyone!  Check out the Bankok Destination page for more info.


Places in Singapore

One of the most beautiful places in Southeast Asia, Singapore is what’s known as an island city-state.  Check out their gardens, cloud forests and of course their infamous Chinatown!


Once you get to any one of the below desintations it's time to get out and explore. See below for our recommendations for some of the Top AirBnB Experiences in Asia!

Experiences in Bali

Once you get into Bali it’s time to adventure-up.  From trekking to diving and eating to dancing   Balie has everything.  Check out our Bali Destination page for info.

Experiences in Bangkok

From great architecture, unforgettable monuments and great food.. Bangkoks is full of new experiences. These are the top 3 we recommend for great way to get the best experience out of your trip!


Experiences in Singapore

There’s no end to the beautiful sights and unique places to visit in Singapore. Below are the top airbnb experiences we recommend in this city. So get ready to explore Singapore! 

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