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Best Travel Destinations

Every destination we share has been chosen as one of best travel destinations for their unique landscapes, skylines, beaches, and travel experiences. Each destination has it’s charm and with incredible trip locations and places to visit, we can help you find the best budget friendly trip recommendations. From finding flights, searching for places to stay and finding things to do, you will find the best trip recommendations here!


In each destination you will find the best tips for a low-budget trip. From cheap flights to city guides and priceless travel tips, you will get the best experiences and recommendations for places to go in the top destinations in the world!

North America

Finding cheap flights in and around North America has never been easier.  

With multiple travel sites now quickly comparing prices and offering discounts to win your business, you’ll be able to fly into and out of both the United States or Canada as simple and affordable as it’s ever been.

Central America

Travelling in Central America has never been more affordable! 

Plan a vacation or search for last minute flights, get outstanding airfare deals to airports in Central America on PigsFlyCheap!

No matter if a traveller is seeking adventure, history, serenity, or satisfaction, we can find ideal flights from any European airport! 

Since travelling in Europe is quite popular, there are many options available for affordable and ideal travel.

South America

Flight hunting in South America has never been easier and more affordable! 

Compare prices from multiple airports and seek the best flight that accommodates your budget and preferences.


Travelling in the Carribean should be relaxing, including finding the perfect flight! 

With lower prices than ever, we aim to help you find the perfect flight to fit your perfect vacation plans!

Finding cheap flights across Africa should be effortless and budget-friendly. 

With many deals and options, flying across African countries should be simple and accommodating. 

Middle East

Whether you are flying to a historic and cultured city or an ultra-modern metropolis, finding the perfect flight in the Middle East should be simple. 

With different travel sites to choose from, you can compare prices and seek discounts.

The world’s largest continent has plenty of travel destinations one should visit. 

That’s why there are a wide variety of travel sites that offer reasonable prices and adaptable flying schedules that any traveller can choose from!

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