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Explore Africa's Destinations

Bounded by the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean, and the Atlantic Ocean, Africa is the second-largest continent with plenty of adventurous opportunities! Desert safaris, wildlife viewing, and sandy pyramids are all part of the adventures Africa holds. We have the best tips for you to stay in beautiful hotels or airbnb places in the mountains or in relaxing beach locations to experience the country’s outstanding diversity. 


With many deals and options, flying across African countries and getting an amazing experience should be simple and accommodating. Check out the best trip recommendations in each destination!

The capital of Egypt and largest city in Africa, Cairo is a noisy, hot, and bustling city perfect for any traveler that is keen on chaos and adventure. Of course, you can also relax by the Nile River and sip a cup of tea. See magnificent ancient pyramids, hear the traditional Islamic call to prayer, and explore the wonders of the ancient world all in Cairo!

Cape Town

From gorgeous scenery to centuries old architecture, Cape Town is a must-go travel destination. Cape Town is filled with busy streets, beautiful beaches and mountains, and delicious and diverse cuisines. Not to mention, it’s cosmopolitan city edge welcomes travellers to a lively nightlife filled with adventure.


One of the most fascinating cities in Morocco, Marrakesh is home to a thriving medina, unique shopping, and some of the most interesting architecture in the globe. Known for its souks, snake charmers, spices, fortune tellers and hidden places, Marrakesh is definitely one of the most mysterious and unique cities!

pigs fly cheap circle

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