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3 Cool Family Vacation Packages You’ll Love

Vacationing with your family is a great way to have fun, bond, and create memories

However, it can be very expensive, and it can be very stressful to plan. One way to cut down on costs, and to make planning less stressful, is by finding a vacation package.

There are family vacation packages available for almost any destination you can imagine, but three packages that your entire family will love are:

  • Disney World, Orlando, Florida
  • Cancun, Mexico,
  • Oranjestad, Aruba

Each of these vacations is attractive, but all for different reasons. If you and your family are looking to get away to a beautiful destination, one of these vacation packages is sure to suit your needs. Read on to find three cool family vacation packages your entire family will love.

What Does a Family Vacation Package Include?

When you hear that something is coming in a package, you assume multiple things will be included. It is no different in a family vacation package. There are multiple parts of a vacation bundled together, and this cuts down on costs.

Family vacation packages are typically purchased when flying, so your package will likely include a hotel and airfare, but there are a variety of other possibilities. Family vacation packages can often be tailored to suit your family’s wants and needs.

Besides hotel and airfare, a family vacation package could also include a rental car if necessary and passes for activities.

If you buy an all-inclusive family vacation package, you will get food and drink included in your package, as well, which is great for foreign travel.

Your family vacation package could include a variety of other fun things, too, which might cost extra money. It may also exclude some provisions, depending on your needs. Whenever booking a family vacation package, be sure to read the terms of your agreement carefully, as there could be hidden charges you were not planning on or exclusions of things you require.

How to Find Family Vacation Package Deals

The travel industry is huge. There are countless places to visit, and there are tons of places offering family vacation packages. There are also many ways you can find a family vacation package deal:

  • Go through a travel agent
  • Use a website that specializes in providing travel discounts
  • Utilize your memberships

Going through a travel agent is a great way to get a truly customized family vacation package deal. Your travel agent will spend time sifting through deals to find one that works for your family and will work with others in the travel industry to tailor a package to your family’s needs.

You can also visit websites like Expedia, Travelocity, or Trivago. These websites use algorithms that constantly show you the cheapest prices available for vacation packages. You can edit lots of features and decide what you do or do not want or need for your trip.

Lots of businesses with memberships like Costco or AAA also provide family vacation package deals. You can find these on their websites and even speak with travel agents to ensure you are getting the best deal.

3 Cool Family Vacation Packages You'll Love!

If you are spending money on a family vacation, you want to take your family to a memorable place that all members will enjoy. Disney World, Cancun, and Oranjestad are three destinations with beautiful scenery and endless options for entertainment certain to appeal to everyone

Each package has unique features that will make your vacation special, like tickets to theme parks and on-site sports and activities. Some packages are more suited to a relaxing getaway, while others are meant for families looking to pack in as much activity as possible. No matter what you are searching for, one of these vacation packages is perfect for you.

Not only are the packages fun, but they are also practical too. Each package includes airfare and lodging, making booking your vacation easy and exciting, rather than stressful and cumbersome. Booking a trip can be a nightmare, but booking a package takes that pain away.

Booking a vacation package is smooth and simple, and when booking the right vacation package, you know your whole family is going to be looking forward to your trip for months. Here are three cool packages your whole family will love:

Disney World, Orlando, Florida

Vacation packages to Disney World are ubiquitous. They are available online for anyone to find, but there are also a plethora of Disney travel agents who can book trips to your specifications. You can also use Disney as your booker. In other words, a Disney World package is one of the easiest family vacation packages to find.

For your next trip to Disney World, use this vacation package and stay at Disney’s Beach Club Resort.

  • This package includes a flight, a five-night stay, and a 6-Day Ticket package with the Park Hopper Plus Option, giving you access to all four theme parks
  • There is also a water park you will have access to, with the entire package costing $5500 dollars for a family of four

Disney’s Beach Club Resort is a fabulous place for your family to stay while at Disney World. Located near Epcot, the resort offers free and convenient transportation to the parks, cabana and boat rentals, sports, an arcade, and other fun activities your kids will love. There is on-site dining available, as well, ensuring your stay is enjoyable and convenient.

While on your vacation, though, you will want to visit one of Disney World’s incredible themed restaurants instead of eating at your hotel at each meal. Try out the Be Our Guest Restaurant, the California Grill, Cinderella’s Royal Table, The Crystal Palace, or Chef Mickey’s. Each one is sure to delight.

Disney World is endless entertainment. If you do not want to spend your entire vacation at Magic Kingdom, there are plenty of other parks to choose from. Try out Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, or Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

You can also check out SeaWorld or Universal Studios, or spend time at your hotel’s pool or the beach. No matter what you do on your vacation to Disney, your entire family is going to have an unforgettable time. Disney World is a fantastic family vacation package.

family vacation packages - Disney World-Orlando-Florida

Cancun, Mexico

If you are looking to take your family to another country, Mexico is an easy place to get to from the United States. It is also teeming with family vacation packages and is a relatively inexpensive country to visit. Cancun has an international airport, making arrival to your destination easier than if you were to stay somewhere an hour or more away from an airport.

One popular destination in Mexico is Cancun. Located on the Yucatan Peninsula, Cancun’s coast is the Caribbean Sea. To soak up all its majesty, take your family to Cancun using this vacation package.

  • A five-night stay at the InterContinental Presidente Cancun Resort is the perfect getaway for you and your family
  • At just under $2000 for a family of four, flights included, your vacation will be memorable and affordable

The InterContinental Presidente Cancun Resort is a wonderful resort for families. There are three restaurants on the property, and a daily free breakfast is included in your stay. With cabanas available and lifeguards on duty at the pools, your family can lounge in privacy, and be certain you are safe while swimming.

One of Cancun’s best resorts, the InterContinental Presidente Cancun Resort, offers babysitting services for families, has a spa on property, and is located right on the beach. There are endless options for entertainment. Your family can visit for five nights and not have to leave the property.

If you are looking for extra activities or off-resort excursions, Cancun, and its nearby locations, boast ample options everyone in your family will enjoy. You can rent a car and visit Riviera Maya or Tulum. You can swim with whale sharks or ride ATVs. You could rent a boat for a day to see more of the coast, or you can ride a boat to the nearby Isla Mujeres.

No matter what you choose to do, you will have an outstanding time on your family vacation to Cancun. The weather is beautiful, the scenery is stunning, and there is so much to do. Everyone in your family will love Cancun.

family vacation packages - Cancun-Mexico

Oranjestad, Aruba

Another foreign country close to the United States that is great to visit is Aruba. After a short plane ride, you feel like you have escaped to paradise. With picturesque beaches and unique vegetation, Aruba is a beautiful option for your family vacation.

To experience this beautiful island, consider this exceptional vacation package: an all-inclusive stay at the Divi Aruba for just over $5000 for a family of four, flights included. The Divi Aruba is an incredible hotel with four on-site restaurants, a spa, four bars, and three pools. Thanks to its all-inclusive offering, drinks, and meals are included for your entire stay.

Not only does the Divi Aruba have a variety of amenities, but it also has several options for activities too. You can kayak, rock climb, sail, snorkel, or take a yoga class. There are arcades, access to a nearby pool, and a children’s club. You and your children are sure to be entertained your entire stay.

If you want to do something other than sitting at the beach on your family vacation, you can visit the butterfly farm, the ostrich farm, or the donkey sanctuary, you can snorkel or take a submarine, or you can go for a hike.

Aruba is also known for one unique place: Flamingo Beach. Located at the Renaissance Hotel, Flamingo Beach, just as its name suggests, is a beach full of vibrant pink birds walking around, and visitors can purchase day passes to experience this neat attraction. It is easy to find a place to see animals at every vacation destination but offers close interaction with animals like Flamingo Beach.

There are endless ways to have fun in Aruba on your family vacation. Whether you are lounging on the beach, participating in extreme sports, or fraternizing with flamingos, your whole family will have an incredible time in Aruba. It will certainly be a memorable trip.

family vacation packages - Oranjestad-Aruba


Family vacation packages provide all the great parts of travel without any of the headaches. Whether you visit Disney World, Mexico, or Aruba, your family will have an incredible time. With fresh sights, different cultures, and various attractions, these three family vacation packages will not disappoint.

Book a vacation package to one of these three destinations for your next trip, and your whole family is sure to enjoy it!

And if you need to get away from the family for a little, here are some good female solo travel tips and tricks.

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